Next of Kin


Probate Genealogy

Probate genealogy is a branch of genealogy that deals with private investigation work. Probate genealogy specialists Kin carry out extensive evaluations into the families of your clients in order to help you achieve your objectives.

Probate is an investigational act carried out upon the death of a person in order to conclusively determine the deceased individual’s blood relations. It is derived from the word “probe”, which implies investigation. Probate genealogy is deemed necessary in order to justifiably distribute the assets of the deceased, by accurately ascertaining the legitimate heirs to the ancestor. It is effective for determining next of kin and locating lost heirs. Since 11 January 1858, this has been a civil process. Earlier, however, the ecclesiastical courts used to deal with probate genealogy.

Heir Hunters

Kin are one of the United Kingdom’s most renowned heir hunters. As genealogy specialists, we know what it takes to find lost heirs and unknown relatives. This can help with the distribution of assets and estates. Heir hunters are frequently employed by next of kin in order to properly and equitably distribution inheritances and estates.


A person that dies without executing a valid last Will is known as dying as an intestate (or in the state of intestacy).

In such an event, the deceased assets may be distributed by invoking the Law of intestacy. According to the law, the next of kin are entitled to various distributions of the estate. if the Intestate person leaves a spouse, that spouse is entitled to possession of the total estate. When the Intestate has children as well as a spouse, the estate is distributed between the two. If the Intestate has parents and a spouse, the estate is again divided between the two heirs. If the parents are not alive, then it is split between brothers and sisters. There are further rules for half blood siblings and grandparents.

In order to prevent the undesirable situation of Intestacy, it is highly recommended to write a will or have it written for you.

Lost Heirs

It is a frequent occurrence that certain deceased people do not always designate all their heirs. In such cases, lost heirs may be present at places within the UK or abroad. In order to justly distribute a deceased individual’s estate, it is imperative to find lost years. Probate genealogy can be employed order to ascertain and locate such lost heirs.

Next of Kin

Next of kin can include spouses, blood and half-blood siblings, parents, grandparents, and foster children or parents. Next of kin are recipients of a deceased individual’s estate after designation through probate or intestacy.