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Kin is a leading provider of research, intelligence and investigations services.

Based in central London, Kin operates nationally and internationally to provide this broad
range of services. Dedicated to achieving the highest levels of performance, Kin offers
access to forensic IT experts and specialist investigators. Kinís probate team enjoys a
success rate of nearly 100% and offers a range of services to professionals and
beneficiaries alike.

Intestacy Research

When dealing with an intestacy (where an individual has died without leaving a will), a lawyer may be required to trace next of kin/lost heir/beneficiary. What if the deceased was in his / her nineties? Are any of the cousins still alive? What if the aunts and uncles moved overseas a hundred years ago? What if the family came from overseas? What if there is a lost heir? This is where probate genealogy comes into play, to make dealing with intestacy as easy as possible.

Probate Genealogy Specialists

As a leading supplier of probate genealogy services, Kin is able to trace a single lost beneficiary or an entire family of heirs, wherever they may be. Thanks to our extensive network of probate genealogists, commonly referred to as heir hunters, every year we contact hundreds of unknown beneficiaries, lost heirs and next of kin on behalf of lawyers from around the globe.

Heir Hunters

As expert heir hunters in the world of probate genealogy, we are able to trace next of kin/lost heir from a single piece of information, whether the beneficiary is an heir to an intestacy or a named heir in a will. We believe that our national and international networks of heir hunters are at the forefront of modern probate genealogy, enabling us to trace next of kin much quicker than most other heir hunters.

Next of Kin/Beneficiary

When trying to contact next of kin, our team of heir hunters offer unbeatable service enabling lawyers to find missing beneficiaries with ease. Whether you need to find one beneficiary or entire families of lost heirs, we would urge you to contact a member of our team for a free initial assessment.



"Kin provide an efficient and reliable service with a very friendly and approachable attitude. As general practice solicitors we have used Kin on a number of occasions to trace people for various reasons from lost heirs to debt matters and their service to us has been speedy with 100% success rate." Colin Ashworth & Co. (Oldham).

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