We are developers, designers, and community enablers.

We create sustainable homes and vibrant communities.

What makes us radical

We’re not like other developers.

Tackling climate change is at the heart of everything we do.  We build beautifully designed sustainable homes and neighbourhoods that are a joy to live in and kind on the environment.

We work with local communities and community-led housing groups, empowering them to deliver homes and neighbourhoods tailored to local needs and to shape the towns and cities they live in.

We use an innovative, integrated design-and-development model, with an in-house design team and the latest manufacturing technologies.  This allows us to deliver higher quality sustainable homes, work more responsively with communities and other partners, and even develop new sustainable technologies where we need to.


Development & Development Partnerships

KIN develops sustainable homes and provides collaborative and turn-key development solutions. We work independently, with partners and clients, and as an Enabling Developer for community-led housing groups – including cohousing and custom-build.

We build new homes and also deliver deep energy retrofit of existing homes and rooftop 'airspace' developments.


Local  Authorities

Public Landowners

Registered Providers

Progressive Landowners

Ethical Investors

Development Management

KIN provides development management services at every project stage, including for local authorities and community groups developing homes for themselves and their local areas. We also provide light-touch early stage community enabling advice.


Local  Authorities

Progressive Landowners

Architecture+ & Sustainability

KIN undertakes architectural design and sustainability services in-house for all our development projects – all led by our qualified architects and Passive House designers.

We also offer architectural design and sustainability services as part of our Development Management service, and as a stand alone consultancy service for sustainable housing projects.


Local  Authorities

Registered Providers

Progressive Landowners

Progressive Developers

Our approach

An interior view of an open plan living space with light streaming in through a large window on the far wall and a skylight about the dining table.

Simple. Beautiful.

We build amazing contemporary homes that are a joy to live in. Homes that are strikingly designed, beautifully crafted, full of light, made of healthy materials, and let people live more sustainably.

Sustainable machines for living

Our homes are ultra energy efficient and can be powered by the sun.  10x more energy efficient than a typical UK home, the tiny amount of energy they need can come 100% from renewable electricity - like solar panels on the roof.

Green through and through

Our homes are built using responsibly sourced, environmentally friendly materials.  Thinking ahead, we even design them to be ‘cradle-to-cradle’, disassembled and recycled at the end of their life.

A close-up view of an off-site manufactured staircase with autumn leaves.
A view of a Passive House sustainable housing development, looking down a leafy green street with brick-clad courtyard houses opening onto a pedestrian street and biodiverse garden.

Shaped by local character

We design our neighbourhoods, streets, and homes to respond to the local context.  We create beautiful places that knit into their surroundings, enhance distinctive local character, and respond to local needs.

An aerial view of a sustainable housing development, with terraces of contemporary homes arranged around a shared green space in the centre.

Community at their heart

We design places that foster strong, vibrant, inclusive communities.  They are organised around green spaces and car-free pedestrian streets – oases where people can walk, cycle, relax, and children can play safely.

A street view of a sustainable housing development.  The view is along a pedestrian path surrounded with wild flowers, with playfully coloured entrances to apartments on the right.

Sustainable landscapes and lifestyles

Our neighbourhoods bring nature in – from biodiverse landscaping and habitats for native species, to places for people to grow their own food.  They enable people to live more sustainably – always putting pedestrians and cyclists first, and providing electric car charging powered by renewable energy.

Innovative technology

You wouldn’t build a car in a muddy field, but that’s still how most homes are built.  We use the latest digital design and manufacturing technologies to deliver quality and environmental performance, and allow customisation.  With our in-house design expertise, if a solution or product doesn’t exist, we’ll create it.

An interior view of an off-site manufactured house under construction.  The panels of the structural chassis are visible along with smart home electronics and dry-fit interior finishes.
A photo of a workshop with a community-led housing group.  The group is discussing an exercise they are doing.

Working with local people

We work collaboratively with local communities, community-led housing groups, and local authorities to deliver homes and neighbourhoods tailored to local needs.  Whether it’s affordable housing, cohousing, or custom-build, we provide the support communities and partners need at every project stage – from finding a site to moving in.

Who we work with

We are currently delivering a number of exciting and innovative projects, including our own newbuild Passive House homes, community-led homes, newbuild and retrofit Passive House social housing, and grant funded research and development (R&D).

We work with a diverse collection of partners, from community groups to local authorities, impact investors to not-for-profits.  Here are some of them:



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